There are several tools for building multimedia timelines. Perhaps the easiest to use (particularly for a group project) is Timeline.js, originally designed for news organizations that want to create visually rich depictions of a sequence of events. Start with a Google spreadsheet template, fill in the blanks, add images (or video) and image credits, then publish to the web.

A couple of hints for teaching with this tool: it’s useful for helping students grasp the value of crediting images, something that in our remix culture often seems unnecessary. There are also many sources where copyright-free or copyright-friendly images can be found, which is a good discussion to have when creating digital projects. But because images that you link to can vanish from the web, it can be valuable to store copies of images or video clips in a Google file to draw on for these projects to avoid visual link-rot.

The photo above of an astronomical clock in Prague was taken by Bj√∂rn S… in 2017 and was released under a Creative Commons share-alike license.

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