woman working on a B-52

We now have a domain for Gustavus projects – either digital projects students or faculty work on alone or collaborative ones. Students might contribute posts to a joint course blog, or groups might create pages to display their work, all hosted together. The primary platform used for these sites is WordPress – an easy-to-use, easy-to-customize platform used by over a quarter of websites.

There are other options for developing sites for a course, but they tend to be ad-supported or Freemium (some features free, others available only to subscribers). Using the Digital Gustavus domain will give you a full-fledged site without ads.

We’re happy to help you discuss what sort of site you would like and get you started. Just contact Barbara Fister.

The image above is a photo taken by Alfred T. Palmer around 1939 of a woman working at an aircraft factory in Tennessee. It is held by the Library of Congress and has no known copyright restrictions.

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