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more relatable than those that don't write in the same way. #gactwitterstory
I don't think my writing changed with the fact that everyone on the internet can see it. Because the character was… https://t.co/KDfZwOqvkC
because all of the tweets are so short and the story goes backwards so the ending, I feel, isn't as grand as it wou… https://t.co/6sanrEvQvE
I thought writing on twitter was interesting because you had a certain number of characters that you could use.Beca… https://t.co/a4Lnjwxv1v
@IkeYuu19 Was it hard to twist the story around for your character to achieve his goals or was the character Ike Yu… https://t.co/E4apTVOm1w
@L18OrcMage Have you seen the movie Bright? It just came out on Netflix and I watched it last night! It's about Orc… https://t.co/uH5vKXUkyf
@MadManBradley When you were writing, did you feel sad when Brad turned on his brother James? Was your goal to take… https://t.co/p8mQUJ4Sgx
@Not_So_Evil_Dol Was it hard to rewrite a well known complicated story that has already been written? #gactwitterstory
HOLY SH*T. He messaged me and apologized for being absent. He said he just needed some time to think about himself… https://t.co/XWruVQ6GCx
2 weeks have gone by and not a word from him. My hope is lost and it feels like my life is crashing...Tink, what did you do?
After my confession, OF COURSE he stops talking to me. I knew I shouldn't have told him my feelings! I scared him a… https://t.co/sW0oGZYFp6
I decided that Peter needed a full explanation as to why I acted the way I did. I told him everything. About my lov… https://t.co/c8lQvMTDm3
I AM SO happy that Peter saw the TRUE Wendy! AHA I have been waiting for this moment for so long!! Peter has even s… https://t.co/NmGzWjaa2J
Today I spotted Peter yelling at Wendy in the hallway. Poor little DARLING was bawling her eyes out! HA! Serves her… https://t.co/3bYnYxiRuj
When I showed Peter the messages he was speechless. I have never seen him look so hurt! It crushed me..I apologized… https://t.co/gWEejmzUCy
I messaged Wendy and told her that she needs to tell the truth about what happened in her car. She said that she do… https://t.co/tizcfGupX2
I can tell that Peter is conflicted...I saw him walking in the hallway by himself today...he looked extremely sad a… https://t.co/MrEqFhvjqe
update: I told Peter what I saw and of course he did not believe me. I swore on my entire being that I was not lyin… https://t.co/RhST3EEKRo
Wendy cheated on Peter. I flew past her car after school and there she was kissing a different boy. How am I suppos… https://t.co/uNxqs687UZ
It's been 2 months without my best friend. A few weeks ago he posted a picture of them together..They look happy. I… https://t.co/ZVw21Bn1RI
It's been a few weeks and today I reached out to Peter. I explained my reasoning's for why I did what I did and he… https://t.co/O3JPgf6khr
I was planning on marrying him. I wanted to start a life with him..how can he not see that I am the one? https://t.co/tluwPSNJM1
My partner in crime. My best friend. My companion. THE love of my life. and I cannot even speak to him.. https://t.co/B16sIkRXTZ
He stopped talking to me. The last words he said to me was, "I cannot be friends with someone that would ruin my ha… https://t.co/pCrb2WzInb
Oh no Oh no Oh no Oh no Oh no Oh no...Peter found out I lied. I have never seen him this angry...He knows that I pu… https://t.co/2yfwvn2KlT
Oh sh*t. Wendy snapped me...the least I can say is that she is NOT happy😬😬😬 but this time she did say horrible things to me...
SUCCESS!! Peter is PISSED at Wendy! I think they might break up...I feel slightly bad...I just want Peter to realiz… https://t.co/CJIMzZPPXE
I think what I should do is message Peter and tell him how horrible Wendy is. And maybe tell him that she said a bu… https://t.co/kNKOHFimuK
I mean, would you respond if I messaged you this? I'm so annoyed! I think I'm going to message her again.
I messaged Wendy on PixieSnap and she left me on read!? What am I supposed to do now? Should I message her again? A… https://t.co/RdjMj9keZN
AHH help me choose! lolol I've already made up my mind🤣
So a couple days ago, I decided to hit up one of my old best friends (We've slowly grown apart) and ask her for her… https://t.co/YcA8ffZzmf
In other words, asking my friends was a complete bust!! 😭😭😭 https://t.co/eqh2VeEEaq
Okay, so I asked a few of my friends and this is what they said: ME: "Help!" Fawn: "Well, maybe this is not what it… https://t.co/GagyabDhTh
lol I just updated my twitter bio from: "Just a lonely Tink searching for her lost love." To: "Just a DARLING Ti… https://t.co/PUnAAYXJIf
Say BuBye to Wendy DARLING because when i'm done, Wendy won't be in the picture. I'm sure i'll get what I want beca… https://t.co/3pRd9122dr
I'm determined and I have a pretty risky plan in mind hehe. Who knows what will happen. Whatever i'm just fed up I… https://t.co/pH9LkgCA7y
Okay, I need to take action. I have to convince Peter that I am the only girl that he needs in his life.
update: I'M SCREAMING. You won't believe what just happened. Peter came up to me in the halls and introduced Wendy… https://t.co/YSHIed4OF7
Now that I've caught you up with my life, what do I do!? I'm worried that they're going to start dating or something. Gross.
Everything was going great but then...This new girl transferred to our school. Her name is Wendy Darling. Seriously… https://t.co/LPqo1Xcrwa
Fast forward to 3 years later and here me and Peter are-The best of friends! We did everything together. We went on… https://t.co/BUcRWC4Hfx
I went to college and worked hard! My life was pretty good until ONE DAY...I met the love of my life and my heart s… https://t.co/c91T340AuW
My life is pretty good, ya know, the usual. I grew up, went to school, worked with my dad in the tinker business un… https://t.co/4iEXuWgAo5
Here are some pics of my bffs and Pixie Hollow! https://t.co/z6wNysvqIT
I was born and raised in a little town called Pixie Hollow. There, I met all of my girlfriends and my best friend blaze. Ugh I love dat town
Hello everyone! My names Tinkerbell but you can call me Tink. My twitter is mainly going to be about my life and wh… https://t.co/dC5c3HOkP7