Level 18 Orc Mage

L18OrcMage @L18OrcMage
Just got one of my paladin to [Level 120] Now finally I can play BfA #warcraft #wow #bfa https://t.co/ZpThzVcW9G
I think being on twitter definitely helps a lot in telling my story like this. I was simply roleplaying my video ga… https://t.co/uPY1UG6LWH
Although Twitter is really good for just throwing out your random thoughts, I feel like it is a horrible place for… https://t.co/D8muuErz7X
@IkeYuu19 It was actually quite fun! Many WoW players have been roleplaying as their character for a long time and… https://t.co/Xt1ShAMVpQ
@tinker24_bell Amazing! I have not watched it. But for sure will check it out!! Thanks a lot! #gactwitterstory
@ACHS9199_LILAC I recently played Nier: Automata. Basically the theme was about the meaning of life and why we exis… https://t.co/H4W1U1ibET
@MadManBradley What inspires you to make a Mad scientist character? Is there any similar character or story that yo… https://t.co/kWkRIrPSDA
"I have discovered that, trying to search for meaning of the Twitter is just as futile as trying to teach a Warrior… https://t.co/EKBgETUytD
"There is nothing to be done, my friend", said Zurge. "The Twitter is in control of us, and there is barely anythin… https://t.co/QBQPbpDJCf
But ... But ... what does this all mean? What am I supposed to do with this ... Twitter? What am I to do when my fr… https://t.co/LHC8ZXyf2F
"Because ... my existence is tied to the Twitter ... I came from the Twitter itself." Zurge said. "Say hello to… https://t.co/6TPE4TOwst
Now that I thought back, I really did see those orcs. They sure are speaking orcish, but they words they speak, I d… https://t.co/2MdVoxRgp4
"Have you noticed, some of the orcs you seen along the way seemed a bit ... off?" Zurge said. "They are not themse… https://t.co/II41pZIzvH
After some long talk, I finally got Angry Zurge to explain what the Twitter really is. And he said that ..... it is… https://t.co/eogsODI1ii
Thanks to the help of the elves, I have arrived at the frontline earlier than expected. It is an island called Ashr… https://t.co/LnLDZHz061
And that is exactly what I will do. The frontline of the army sure sounds dangeous, but nothing I can't handle!
However, there is one other orc that is still survive till this day. Thanks to the TWITTER, he has become very powe… https://t.co/4BqQSJZc7R
The TWITTER is an ancient magic, whose knowledge has long lost in ancient times. Recently, a few individuals has be… https://t.co/X0hwwnzleK
According to Master Pyreanor, I have been bestowed upon with a great destiny. Not many mortals was spoken to by the… https://t.co/tUqNhIR46e
The warlock's direction led me to a council of the elves currently residing inside the city. They look strange! https://t.co/BI3fqXF923
Okay. Gotta focus on my mission. Cannot be distrcted. #gacdigistory
There are so many fun things at the city!!!!!!! #gacdigistory
Lo and behold! The glorious Orgrimmar teeming with life and filled with adventurers from all the lands #gacdigistory https://t.co/Md3XHuUbsD
She summoned a Wyvern that took me all theway to the city!!! This is most fascinating! #gacdigistory https://t.co/v9KbizdQi7
"The creature you want to talk to resides in Orgrimmar, the city of the orc. The city is still quite far away from… https://t.co/YYzVnLjZJ4
"What can I offer you in return of these?" Asked the warlock. "I only wonder if you know anything about the Twitter… https://t.co/6ql1zsP88o
Kitha said these spellscrolls are of valuable importance to her study in the warlock dark arts. She seemed so happy… https://t.co/0z6sdCs8uP
Okay I turned back to normal. Phew! Warlock magic sure are strong. And unique! I have never seen such magic before.… https://t.co/g53315NsnY
Hmmm ... what's this .... each of them seems to be holding on to a .... spellscroll? #gacdigistory
These Burning Blade orcs have taken camp inside a nearby cave! Incinirate them all with fireballs!!! #gacdigistory https://t.co/BDMqCRuHg3
Kitha asked me to go look for these orcs, and revenge for her friends. "They couldn't have gone too far in these ba… https://t.co/ccOFwTztX6
"Who are these Burning Blade orcs", I asked. "Power-hungry cowards who have succumbed to the dark magic of the demo… https://t.co/RmIREBqTwI
The secluded warlock said she has lost many of her good friends due to the recent incident. A cult of extremist orc… https://t.co/xZNBgEoaO9
Turns out Kitha the Demon Trainer is a warlock, who specializes in controlling Demons to fight. I took the chance t… https://t.co/VEosqgYwIi
Following the trace of energy leads me to a .... Demon Trainer?? #gacdigistory https://t.co/t9PR9frVYP
Day 4 of the trip to the city. I sensed a source of energy nearby. Something like ... a magic user .... I will proc… https://t.co/qxFu5GYVZd
Comes to think of it, if so few people know about the TWITTER, how come I have access to it? Why me? How am I diffe… https://t.co/KeFfVQUAyI
Asked the innkeeper if he knows about the TWITTER. He said he only heard it from the tales of the bards. Stuff of l… https://t.co/aVo5vuM9PM
Update: the grog is indeed good. The innkeeper was super friendly, too! #gacdigistory https://t.co/IxEgmhvJXt
Been travelling for 2 days straight. I think it is time to take a rest. Looks like there is small orc town right up… https://t.co/160B28VRJX
Spotted smelly humans on the way! They are taking up this old ruins to invade orc lands. BAD HUMANS!! #gacdigistory https://t.co/9iukNcJjxh
Getting ready for the trip! Bought new armor, no more silky robes! #gacdigistory https://t.co/C1rxeLbxMJ
Bom'bay says smarter people in the city knows more. Wise orcs will have answers. Orcanist decided, Orcanist will ve… https://t.co/12srp9Tpzc
Bom'bay says not know much. Bom'bay thinks it is dangerous "PHILOSOPHICAL" magic. Orcanist not understand #gacdigistory
TWITTER turns out boring. Can do not much. Boring magic #gacdigistory
Asked silly taurens again. Said they know about the TWITTER but not use the TWITTER. Silly taurens afraid. #gacdigistory
Fiddled with the TWITTER. Still not understand. Can "UPLOAD" photo of myself. Not sure what purpose. #gacdigistory
Met silly taurens. Silly taurens says this be the "TWITTER". Use TWITTER, can talk to outsiders. Not believing silly taurens. #gacdigistory
Never heard of the TWITTER. Not mentioned in teachings. Suspect forbidden Legion magic. LEGION DEMONS NOT GOOD. #gacdigistory
The TWITTER is strange. Let me say anything. ANYONE CAN HEAR ME? #gacdigistory