Final Project Ideas and Resources

Unit IV: Digital Story Final Project

For this final storytelling assignment, you will conceptualize, design, create, and refine a digital story of your own inclinations. Make this fun for yourself; learn a new skill or explore something you want to learn about. This project will be the focus of the final week of class; we won’t have reading homework or intensive class discussions, so all your efforts can focus in on this work.

Create and tell a story using digital format and digital tools. The story should be complete and of an appropriate length to clearly indicate you’ve done decent and substantial work on it.

You’ll also turn in a regular old-fashioned paper, 1 page long, which explains your project a bit: what you are trying to do with it, why it’s a digital story, why the medium you chose was an effective one, etc.

There are a ton of resources and links on our class website at

Tools, Resources, and Example Projects: Gustavus Library ||| Cool Tools ||| 8 Million Stories ||| Global Digital Citizen ||| Hackastory ||| Emily Short’s Interactive Storytelling ||| DHCommons |||