Dolores Umbridge

Not_So_Evil_Dol @Not_So_Evil_Dol
I think it did, because I found myself refraining from using certain hashtags, but then in some other situations, t…
I guess it can be what's hard about writing in general, but I just think the gifs helped a lot! it gives a better v…
@tinker24_bell I feel like this is what a peter pan movie would be like in 2030! #gactwitterstory
@antishoalcial I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, and I love to think about what would happen if things were differen…
@tinker24_bell Not really actually, I decided to still follow the story line which gave me a basis, but other than…
@MadManBradley so what will happen to your brother now? I hope you can find a good shrink for him!!!!!! #gactwitterstory
Oh darn, I think he saw me, but I think I can fight him! #gacdigistory
Luckily he left, I only have to fight Snape!!! #gacdigistory
waiting for a plan to pop up in my head! #gacdigistory
I didn't expect him to be there, it was like seeing death in person!! #voldemort #gacdigistory
sneaking out of Hogwarts with no one's knowledge like
As far as I know, @Lordvoldemort is currently is Hogsmeade, it's the perfect time to sneak in and out! #gacdigistory
Don't worry Mr cuddles and Snowflake, i'm coming for you! #gacdigistory
I may have found a way out, then I don't have to torture @HarryPotter anymore! #gacdigistory
When your best friend sends you good news!!! Found out where my cats are held captive!!! #gacdigistory
Maybe I wasn't so wrong to come here after all, Hogwarts is indeed in trouble @RufusScrimgeour
End of the first day, it wasn't terrible but i've managed to set my foot down! #gacdigistory
@NarcissaMalfoy I could really use a cup of tea and girl chat right now!!! #gacdigistory
This whole thing is driving me insane, poor Mr. Cuddles and Snowflake!
After the other morning, at Harry's trial, seeing @harrypotter and @dumbledore at Hogwarts will be like....
Managed to convince the minister of magic that Hogwarts needs saving, so here I am to the rescue!!!! #gacdigistory
I don't even know where to start from, I have to go to Hogwarts now? this is out of control..... #gacdigistory
my other cat, snowflake has been taken...... I don't have a choice, I don't have a choice! #gacdigistory
I can't really go through with this? It doesn't feel right!!! Stop them from doing what exactly?? #gacdigistory
When you have to keep this whole thing a secret, does your best friend count?? @NarcissaMalfoy9 #gacdigistory
How can I stop Harry and Dumbledore by myself? #gacdigistory
What am i supposed to do? I don't even like Hogwarts..... #gacdigistory
what is this?? go to hogwarts? what? stop Harry? Dumbledore? #gacdigistory
Somebody help, I can't find Mr. Cuddles! this is not a drill! #gacdigistory
When you come home to your 20 cats all cuddled up by the fire! #gacdigistory
Down to the last 15 minutes in this office, hopefully @RufusScrimgeour doesnt come in with more work! #gacdigistory
Ugh muggles! Another series of obliviating their memories! #JustAnotherDay #gacdigistory