January 2018 // Gustavus Adolphus College // Prof. Baker Lawley


Week One

Monday, Jan. 8

Introductions, syllabus

Respond to The Martian on this poll

Tuesday, Jan. 9

Wednesday, Jan. 10

Thursday, Jan. 11

Friday, Jan. 12

Week Two

Monday, Jan. 15

NOTE: MLK Lecture at 10:30am in Christ Chapel. Post your attendance at the MLK lecture to Instagram with tag #gacdigistory (can be a selfie, shot of textbook at Chapel, a nice photo of several classmates together, etc.)

**Class starts at 11:30 today only**

Story Structure in a nutshell

Story Structure using Good Will Hunting

Story Structure using Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Tuesday, Jan. 16

Wednesday, Jan. 17


Cyber Squirrel

Hip Hop Map

Green Line Map, Minneapolis to St. Paul

Team-Produced Maps

Other Map Examples

Thursday, Jan. 18

  • Read Storymaps: The Five Principles of Good Storytelling
  • Watch this video map
  • Find 3 entries you think are cool on the Atlas Obscura map
  • Before class begins, post at least 2 photos on Instagram (with #gacdigistory tag) of specific campus spots (a desk, a stairwell, Cyclone Pizzeria, a square of a sidewalk, etc.) that are either 1) personally important to you (like something cool/sad/hilarious/embarrassing happened in that spot) or 2) interesting but usually overlooked.


How make a Google Map (video)

How to make a Story Map with arcgis

Templates & Apps for arcgis

How to make a Story Map with Knightlabs

How to make a Story Map with Google Tour Builder

7pm Keynote lecture in Wallenberg Auditorium! Dr. William Pannapacker, Hope College: “From Digital Humanities to Digital Liberal Arts”

Friday, Jan. 19

  • Story Map Lab
Week Three

Monday, Jan. 22

Tuesday, Jan. 23

Wednesday, Jan. 24


Seers Catalogue

A Quick Twine Tutorial

Twine Wiki

Twine 2 Guide

A Ton Of Twine How-To Videos

Thursday, Jan. 25

  •  Twine Work Day

Friday, Jan. 26

  • Readings on Further Possibilities: Reach Ch. 11 from Digital Storytelling and browse through Chapters 15-23 to see if anything seems interesting 
  • Peer Review and Twine Work Day Part 2
  • Resources for Final Project ideas
Week Four

Monday, Jan. 29

  • Twine stories due: TURN IN HERE.
  • Final Project Proposals due

Tuesday, Jan. 30

  • Work Session

Wednesday, Jan. 31

  • Peer Review and Professor Conferences


Thursday, Feb. 1

  •  Work Session

Friday, Feb. 2

  • Final Project Presentations

GAC Digital Storytelling #gacdigistory

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