Her Majesty

She munched slowly, savoring the sugar as it broke down in her mouth. Her phone alarm broke through her concentration, and she sneezed in surprise. Then she stared at her computer screen as it began to drip. The professor bustled through the center of campus, his short legs carrying him with surprising speed past the… Read More

Anger Management

She lugs a heavy, dripping garbage bag down the hall, trying not to let it touch her. She pretends not to notice the trail of crimson drips that it leaves behind on the linoleum floors. She figures it serves them right, anyway, for making her take the bag out. It was starting to smell awful.… Read More

Ups and Downs

The squirrel scuttled up a small tree, then sat on a straight branch and seemed to sneer down at her. She sneered back, then blushed as a passing student stared with bewilderment. He dropped his books on his desk, exhausted. A few fell to the floor – there wasn’t room on his desk for anything… Read More

Dreary Shades

She jolted awake, swearing internally at the alarm blaring from across the room, and hurried to shut it off before it bothered her roommate too much. She sniffled and wandered back to her bed. She wasn’t sure how she was still so tired – she had slept deeply for the past 9 hours. As she… Read More

Off the Hook

As the water swirled around him, he tried to remember what his mother had said about staying calm and not panicking in this situation, but all he could hear was the water rushing by him. The water that was normally clear and clean was swirling with filth. His head spun. IT almost brushed against him… Read More