Memorizing Sugar Structures: A Study in Context

“So this one is mannose, because men believe that everything is equal” “Well, you haven’t exactly been swept off your feet, but your knee hurts” “I’m an equal opportunity hair appreciator” “Oh, shut up, you flying suitcase” “He runs right into the room and puts his tongue interesting places” “There’s a fine line between psycho… Read More

Love and DeBroglie

“And that love grew, and it grew, until it reached the point that all great loves grow toward: the point of inevitability” “Our capacity for love increases with each person we cross paths with throughout our lives, and with each moment we spend with those people.  But, too often we neglect that part of ourselves… Read More

According to WordPress, we could be making money off of this

I think the best advice always starts, “As a 48 year old lesbian…” “What about Jesus?”   “What about Jesus?  Where is that guy?” “If you speed up the sound of John Coltrane decomposing, its a jazz tune” “I remember when I was young and had a higher chance of quantum tunneling” “When God closes a… Read More

Reptile harassment or musical compliment?

“I could live inside your scales” “If you don’t have a pulse, you’re dead–life and music are very similar that way” “He’s the best person we could have sent, he’s like a mildly eloquent pinata” He said, “I really don’t want a threeso- group of three people-“, and in that moment we all knew that… Read More