Some People Just Don’t Appreciate Paper Mario Properly, And Instead Try To Post the Entire Lyrics to My Way, By Frank Sinatra

“Stop Listening to the Paper Mario Soundtrack I swear to god I will call Res Life.” Some people just don’t know joy, or the entire 2 hours and 24 minutes of the entire Paper Mario OST “Are you trying to channel the heat of Italy, and the fires of pompei, feeling the ash on your… Read More

On Dancing, Handwriting, and Androids

“Dances are dangerous. It’s too easy to fall in love.” “Who shaved in our sink?” “it was me.” “Where¬†did you shave?!” “Embarassing story….which one?” “Mini gherkins…that’s what they call them in England. You have to do it with an English accent.” Athletes are always walking past me, with what I think are ice packs attached… Read More

Ghost Dog

You can hear a dog barking outside our dorm. No one knows how—there are obviously no dogs in dorms. Yet every so often we hear a dog. “Ghost dog,” Miranda says. It’s a funny thing, dread. Or maybe it’s mortification, I’m not sure. But it starts in the hollow pit of your stomach, where everything… Read More