Finals week is great and the worst. You feel great to be done with a semester, but are all stressed out about how your finals will go. One of my professors can’t seem to make up his mind on how he is grading us… He’s driving me fucking insane! Panic, stress, and tears are all… Read More

Holiday Season

Hooray, the holiday season is here! Does anyone else feel like the more people who lean to the right insist we say “Merry Christmas” the more it makes you want to say “Happy Holidays” just to spite them? It was kind of gloomy the other day, and then it started to snow out. It made… Read More

Finding it

Ever go to do something, and then you can’t find the thing you need? Seems like it happens more often than not. Found out Hugh Hefner died this morning. He might be the only man where we say “he is not in a better place now.” Anyone ever notice that the Gustavus Crest logo looks… Read More