Rabbits Song

I dream of listening to the sound of monotonous singe syllable Japanese speech from the train radio everyday. The bullet train takes me and you all the way from Edogawa to Tokyo in an one hour travel. And just like in those shoujo movies, I rest my head on your shoulder, my hand in yours.… Read More

Cozily writing to the falling snow flakes outside the window

Quality roommate bonding time is when you were sorting through your box of winter clothes, suddenly found your short, frizzy, silver-colored wig, made your roommate put it on and went on a spontaneous photoshoot. You made your roommate dress up like a nerdy, punk-ass, witchy emo kid holding your luminous cat lamp and crawled on… Read More

America experimental

My first American family experiment was done in Lanesboros camping ground during Fall Break. My host grandparents, reaching 70 years old, hooked up a gigantic mobile house-looking-van to the truck. I now know it’s called an RV. It is so “compactly” built, housing up to 2 adults, 2 small Asian adults and lots of dogs.… Read More

28/9 Log

This girl must be a freshman, thinking she is the boss of world. I need to be in a group for class discussion. She never spares me a look. Her gaze cuts through me. Her chattiness skips me. She is so exclusive. I’m excluded. Her skin is pale. Her brunette hair softly touches the edge… Read More

Midnight cramp’s irrelevant reflections on scent and flavor

There was an array of weeds on the path next to the Tornado. I could always taste this powerful smell from one of those kinds of weed. Sweet, creamy, buttery, pastry-like. One day, when the night was clear and quiet, I was sniffing, and detecting every single one of the weeds. Surprisingly, the scent was… Read More

Midnight log

Tonight’s moon is so bright and round. The hazy clouds that float around it make me feel like I’m looking up from the bottom of the lake: clouds drift like gentle glides of current, and the moon I’m seeing is only a mere reflection of itself on this “lake”. The log looks like a fire-breathing… Read More