The terror the cold brings as it forces you to sit and scrape off the frost from your window. If you sit and listen as class begins around this time of year, all you hear is sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff. The dryness in the air brings out the dryness in your body as you look… Read More


Sitting in a stand wait for your prey to walk within your sites, you look around trying to find things to pass the time and happen to create Pokemon characters through the branches and leaves. The chills that go through your body as you climb down step by step from your tree and you search… Read More


This passed weekend I got to experience a wedding as the bring a joy of two people walking hand in hand star grazing in their eyes as they now get to spend the rest of their life together. The smiles that stretch from ear to ear or the kissing of the glasses, oh what a… Read More

Gracious grass

A site that always memorizes me is watching a lawnmower mow the lawn and watching the stripes of light grass surround the heavy middle strip of dark green grass. Now being able to circle your route routinely with out even paying attention because you see your route that you created.

Set hike

Yesterday I got asked to play IM flag football for a team and my initial reaction was oh my goodness I haven’t thrown a football in years, am I going to remember how? When I got down there, I flawlessly flew through air catching pass after pass in rout of our massive win and graciously… Read More