I feel it again. That irresistible sensation sneaking up on me as if it never left. How silly I am to think that it ever left. That hollowness comes in, wanting to find something to fill it up again. Thing is, I refuse to allow it. I’ve been hurt too many times, been rejected too… Read More


The air rushed from me. Life passed in blurs. Landscapes meshed into one. The rumbling of the engine beneath me match in pace with my heartbeat. In this speed, there was a peace that you couldn’t compare to taking it slow. Everything was elevated. Wide open road with just me and the gas pedal between… Read More


Cologne encased the whole room. Smoke flowed through the air, vision was blurred in the fog. Cashmere suits were worn and matched with silk dresses. Cash rolled off fingers. Waiters shifted in the masses, sparkling wine spilling out of their hands. Blues blew in the haze, beating with the rhythm of your heart.

Deja Vu

I knew the place, I remember the memories, but it didn’t feel the same. “What’s wrong?” I was asked. Truthfully, nothing was wrong. Everything was just different now. Or, I was just different now. The stairs that I raced down when I was a kid were mini in comparison to me. The creaks in the… Read More

infinite in time

The longest moments are the end. The final breath before taking a jump. The final sentence in the paragraph. The final minute on the clock. Time is infinite in these moments, when you think they will never end. Heartbeats quicken, patience is tested and adrenaline rushes. Time is controllable in these moments, the longest at… Read More


I walked into the classroom to the sound of chaos. The volume was head throbbing with everyone talking at an impeccable speed that a race car driver would’ve been proud of. Mr. Bern sat quietly in the corner of his desk looking as if he was deciding if he should go back to sleep or… Read More


Clarity was hard to come upon in this city. The overcast of clouds was the muddle in everyone’s eyes. When the majority of the population would rather stay in the past, there is no moving forward. We were stuck. My bike was crusted over with years of use. The wheels creaked with every turn to… Read More