Miserable Sickness

  • One day, one small tiny bacteria makes its way into your body. Their entrance makes a troubling snowball effect for your health.¬† Your throat swells, you start coughing and fever start to become a daily thing. For all these things, you wish to be brave and take them head one but the debilitating symptoms make your hard read for the bottle of medicine in defeat.
  • At first I thought the weather was bipolar because some days it would be warm, others cold, and on some it snowed. But it could have also been my body telling me I’m sick and I chose to ignore it. There were days that I wanted to wear shorts, or even days where I wanted 3 layers clothing and snow pants.
  • I’m walking down the hall, and I remember the last time I hung out with someone, then I shifted my gaze to a different position from where I was locking and that friend made their way towards me. If I thought about all my friends that way would they all suddenly start to be in the same place I was.
  • A week can feel like a month when you’re sick. The sleepiness plays with your mind and you remember things from an awake and not awake point of view. The way the body takes a toll on itself affects everything I do. It’s like its at war with itself but both side are taking heavy loses.
  • The grass and prairies have started to become wilted, the grasshoppers, beetles and all other critters have made their way some where else to escape the harsh winter that comes to Minnesota. It’s a cold that bites, when you mistakenly¬† leave your face uncovered, the wind roughness you up when you have to make your way to class. And the snow, which isn’t here yet will engulf any sort of heat and eliminate from creating us any warmth.