Compost Pile #6

Today I went to the caf to grab food, i felt like people were looking at me like I was weird.
I had a plate of fried rice and sesame chicken but also the gusite ware. In the gustie ware I also had fried rice and sesame chicken. I was bring it to one of my friend, I offer to get her food to since I was going to the caf. She had wanted sesame chicken too but at the time she went the wok wasn’t fully open yet. I don’t get why since it was past four. Anyway I brought her the food and that was it.

As I was walking out outside in the courtyard with my friends, I smelled something weird. I thought I was the only one but as we kept walking, I asked. My friend confess that she did smell something nasty too as we were walking back to the dorm. The farther we got, the smell started to go away. I went back to the dorm. A few minutes later my other friend comes and ask me if I wanted to eat dinner with them. I felt bad since it was the only two of them, so I went along. I notice the same smell as before when I walked with my friends back to the caf. I really don’t know what it is but it sure does smell awful. Anyway that was it for the smell though, which is good news for me.

Who knew that working taking on two shifts plus your own could be so tiring. Today since I didn’t have class, I decided to be nice enough and take someone’s else shifts. The person had two shifts both in the salad stand. I decided to take both of them to make it easier. It was tiring not that I had to do much but just that I had a job at the grille today also. I work the clean up so basically helping close up. I am so tired today that now I just want to go to bed. But I have other things that I should complete before bed. That was basically what my day was. Fall break can’t come any sooner.

Today when I was walking from class today, I heard noises. I looked up in the sky and saw some geese flying in a “V” shape formation. I sometimes wonder where they go and why the shape of a “V”. Anyway as I kept on walking I looked up at the sky again. I saw this lonely one trying to catch up to the rest of its group. I thought to myself, I feel like I’m the geese.

I can’t believe what kind of luck I have. I thought that I was going to have a nice relaxing fall break but today proved me wrong. I guess luck isn’t on my side and it never really was a birthday party today and which meant I had to help clean for it. There was a lot of dishes afterwards that I had to help wash and tons of other work. But that wasn’t as bad as people who kept asking me about my major in college. It was people after people that wanted to know. I didn’t want to let them know so I lied and told me that I wasn’t sure yet. The conversations led by lectured of the whole reason to going to college was to major in something.