Rabbits Song

I dream of listening to the sound of monotonous singe syllable Japanese speech from the train radio everyday. The bullet train takes me and you all the way from Edogawa to Tokyo in an one hour travel. And just like in those shoujo movies, I rest my head on your shoulder, my hand in yours. My pink acrylic train pass holder matches your blue. Our maneki neko charms swing to the speedy movement of the train. The bells softly rings across the air. The bullet train crosses the Naka River, and then Arakawa into the bustling city. Passage of faceless and blurry faced people are left behind by the fast train. On our journey, we cross the urban forest park where red shines look so magnificent into brightly-lit city lights from various shops and skyscrapers, through the woods, into the city, and back and again.

I like to imagine the soft touch of sunlight shines through the glass window falls on our brown hair. The glowing sun is reflected from my eye lids as I sleep on your shoulder. The songs that we listen to on our train journey make me feel like I’m an audience looking into and watching our own love story movie.

When I wake up, you’re already prepared to go to sleep. When I am at school, you would be the one dreaming. While I am sleeping, you’re the one on the train ride from Edogawa to Tokyo. You run among dozens of Japanese salary men trying not to be late to work. You stand in the center of the train, the odd-looking gaijin. Suitcases of the men surround you. Their hands dominate the grip handles on the ceiling. You are as awkward and uncomfortable as you have always been, only multiple degrees higher than usual. In that tight space coming onto you, when you think you’re about to collapse from the lack of air, the rabbits song jumps next on your earphones. The crowd’s motion freezes to the first note played on the guitar. Your lung is filled up with the freshening air. You feel warm in your heart the color of the pale golden sun light. It’s like as if my brunette hair is right next to yours, and the weightless air feels like my head resting on your shoulder.