Her Majesty

  • She munched slowly, savoring the sugar as it broke down in her mouth. Her phone alarm broke through her concentration, and she sneezed in surprise. Then she stared at her computer screen as it began to drip.
  • The professor bustled through the center of campus, his short legs carrying him with surprising speed past the greenhouses until his phone chirped at him. He barely slowed as he pulled it out, and when it was silent he was off again.
  • She watched the deer as it ran out of the woods. She watched as the doe hopped away from her. She watched as it bumped into her truck. Then she watched it flounder off into the woods.
  • He jerked awake when she smacked him across the head.
  • Closing the door behind him, he watched as she bounded around the yard, shaking her head. He threw the ball, and she caught it – although she almost missed it. Then she squatted, and he looked away for her privacy. She trotted up to him with a grin, and he opened the door for Her Majesty.