“Dance-Speak” is so Bizzare

The things that you hear inside a dance studio are so bizarre; there are just some phrases and words of the language that make no sense.  For example, when someone who has no idea what is going on in the class just hears ” keep your zipper pulled up,” they may assume that someone’s fly on their pants was hanging wide open.  However, this actually means that a dancer needs to keep their core strong and tight, often sucking in their stomach until they can barely breathe.  A dance instructor may comment how you must keep your head held high, but also to keep it loose and free.  This may not make sense to the naked eye of an everyday person, but this sort of an oxymoron is the language of the dancer.  Keep your feet pointed, but not sickled.  Keep your arms sharp, but not rigid.  Keep your smile on, but don’t force it through the pain.