Sitting in a stand wait for your prey to walk within your sites, you look around trying to find things to pass the time and happen to create Pokemon characters through the branches and leaves.

The chills that go through your body as you climb down step by step from your tree and you search for the deer that will be able to bring food to the table.

Are you serious? How stupid can you be? As we were heading back I was riding on the back of the ATV and a deer happens to prance by right in front of us a stop. So we proceed to stop our four wheeler get out our gun put a bullets into it and POW out goes the bullet from the gun dropping the deer right then and there.

Because we popped up a tent the only way to use the bathroom was to go out in the great outdoors, but bending down to take a poop in 20 degree weather brings more pain to your body than a lot of things bring to you.

Nights bring the blast from the past as 8 people sit around one small table playing a card game while not trying to take the queen of spades each and every time.