25 Hours A Day 8 Days A Week

  • Putting out fires has been my priority this week. Being apart of something big has been amazing but overwhelming at times. Especially when your are an organizer for the event, I constantly feel that there is so much work that is suppose to get done on a certain day and when I attempt to finish it, I’m out of time. Then the week instead of going by slow is cranked up to double time, and the next thing I know my week has passed and I’ve had not time to relax.
  • The snow is teasing us these past couple of weeks. It comes down at night when everyone is sleeping and loves to cover everything in a thin layer of white sparkly fluff. Only a few ever catch a glimpse of it and when they do they are stunned in awe for a few moments, the first innocent fall of snow. They don’t even want to imagine the heavy snow they will get. Making pathways in the knee deep snow, putting on double layers of clothing and fighting against the rough wind.
  • Coffee is the reason I am able to be the person I am today. I would love to have it through an IV instead of drinking it slow so I can run through my to do list and accomplish things by 10 am. The sweet but bitter liquid warms my cold body and reminds me that there are good things happening in the world, that when I take the cup to my mouth the world around me comes to motion and I see things with meaning. I wish it wasn’t such a big part of my life but where would I be without it? I bet someone with absolutely zero patience.
  • Numbers, numbers, numbers… no matter how much they tell me, I can’t figure out how they are all related. They are all different but they are suppose to come together to tell me something and I can’t seem to get the overall picture. And they are everywhere, not just on my screen but on my papers, in my books, on my phone, its like I can’t get away.
  • My feet move at a slower pace today, they tell me that they want to rest but I reply that we have things to do. They say that they are hurt, but I again reply that we cannot stop to rest. I ignore them for the rest of the day and I found their silence troubling. When I finally had time to sit down I looked at them and realized that I had a blister on one foot then a bloody ankle on the other one. My feet were right, but I couldn’t stop life to give them a proper break.