“No Kink Is My Kink” And Other Quotes

“No kink is my kink,” She hisses, defending her unbelievable love of platonic relationships

“Oh I say a fuck ton, you know. I say some of the weirdest shit”

“You and your goddamn crunchy boys. I have had it up to here with you and you crunchy boys” she says, calling me out on my love of fall weather.

“Why don’t I have organization”

“My life is immaculate in all the wrong places—-ALL THE RIGHT THE MOVES IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES, YEAH WE’RE GOING DOWN”

“I love you, Nyombia,” I hear through the walls as I’m trying to sleep. Good for you, Nyombia. They laugh afterwards. Please stop. it’s three a.m.

After 14 years she still has not gotten over the fact that her brother has “traDED HER GODDAMN BLUE EYED DRAGON I’m bitter but I’m fine, you know. I’m dying but I’m bitter but I”m fine.”

“@myself: u a mess, girl.”

“What’s a saucy image I can put on to make this post nice and pretty”


“Candy Corn destroyed my parents marriage. I don’t approve.”