Food on the Brain

Olive Garden is literally the greatest restaurant in the world. It’s got everything you could ever want, that is if you like Italian food.  First things first, their frozen margaritas are the bomb, I don’t even really like tequila but I do if it’s in a frozen strawberry marg from Olive Garden. You get the best soup, salad, and breadsticks and those things are all just appetizers. Nothing beats that special salad dressing, and dipping a salty breadstick into their creamy Chicken Gnocchi soup with those plump dumplings. Their Fettuccine Alfredo, which is pretty much the dish I get every single time, is perfection. I have yet to find a place that makes it better, it’s my absolute favorite. And if you still have room left after all that, dessert will not disappoint you, not one calorie. Specifically, I recommend tiramisu. This light and fluffy coffee flavored treat will melt in your mouth. Plus, for all that you get, the prices are quite reasonable. If you have never been, you should really go tomorrow and experience this culinary mastery.   

Wafers, it’s like taking a  bite of sweet crispy air.

It’s funny how our taste buds change as we get older. I used to despise candy corn as a child but now I actually enjoy it. It’s been added to my favorite Halloween goodies list. Those sugary triangles split in 3 colors, white at the tip, orange in the middle, and yellow at the base, make for a fun seasonal tidbit. Some people hate it, some love it, I am now one of those people who are all about it.

There’s nothing more delicious than slicing up a fresh juicy McIntosh apple and dipping a piece of it into some rich thick golden gooey caramel. It’s like tasting Autumn.

With the weather getting colder, I forgot how excited I get about cuddling up in a soft warm blanket by a fire with a cup of hot cocoa. A few mini marshmallows and splash of Reddi-wip makes it the best wintertime beverage.

Let’s not forgot about the amazing holiday food coming up. I’m so pumped for a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner but even more excited about Christmas dinner because I’m way more of a ham and cheesy potato girl than a turkey and mashed potato one.