Miserable Sickness

One day, one small tiny bacteria makes its way into your body. Their entrance makes a troubling snowball effect for your health.  Your throat swells, you start coughing and fever start to become a daily thing. For all these things, you wish to be brave and take them head one but the debilitating symptoms make… Read More


There is an odd sort of in-betweenness to be found at four in the morning. Three in the morning is very late, Five is very early, but four, four is both, neither. It brings with it a stillness, a silence that is more than simple quiet, it becomes a cessation of time. Four in the… Read More

Memorizing Sugar Structures: A Study in Context

“So this one is mannose, because men believe that everything is equal” “Well, you haven’t exactly been swept off your feet, but your knee hurts” “I’m an equal opportunity hair appreciator” “Oh, shut up, you flying suitcase” “He runs right into the room and puts his tongue interesting places” “There’s a fine line between psycho… Read More


The terror the cold brings as it forces you to sit and scrape off the frost from your window. If you sit and listen as class begins around this time of year, all you hear is sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff. The dryness in the air brings out the dryness in your body as you look… Read More

Some People Just Don’t Appreciate Paper Mario Properly, And Instead Try To Post the Entire Lyrics to My Way, By Frank Sinatra

“Stop Listening to the Paper Mario Soundtrack I swear to god I will call Res Life.” Some people just don’t know joy, or the entire 2 hours and 24 minutes of the entire Paper Mario OST “Are you trying to channel the heat of Italy, and the fires of pompei, feeling the ash on your… Read More