• I can hear the wind howling between buildings. Maybe it sounds like that every month, but in October, it seems different, special somehow
  • The search for fear is a such a strange and singularly human thing.  It seems so counterintuitive to seek such a thing out.
  • Looking out my window, I can see the green of the pine trees contrasted with the burnt orange and brown and yellow of trees that aren’t evergreen
  • Halloween stores are an interesting phenomena. They appear in vacant buildings for a month, then disappear again until the next year.
    • In fact, that sounds like the plot of a horror story
  • I love halloween stores, the costumes and the props and the makeup. all these things devoted to changing oneself, if only for a night
  • Some nights feel more like halloween than other. Some quality of the blend of light, wind, cloud, and air just lends that feeling.
    • Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to find one of those nights far away from Halloween itself, and I can just enjoy that feeling for a moment.
  • The roots of halloween lie in creating bonfires to push back the dark, of hiding indoors in the warm and bright, waiting for the sun. now we venture out, braving the dark and cold, dressed like the monsters our ancestors used to fear. How far we’ve come