Compost pile #4

I just notice that the hallway in my dorm is dark. I don’t know if someone turned the lights off in the hallway but the side where my room is, it’s dark. I also notice that the other side isn’t so I’m guessing, it’s because someone turned the lights off.

I went into town with a few of my friends and explode town. There were a few rain drops here and there but it didn’t rain so that was good. Climbing the hill back up wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. My friends decided to walk a different way than last time when I went with another group so it wasn’t as bad. Me and one of my friend made tradition food for the rest of our friends. It was fun and great to get homemade fun again. I had a great time with them and I think it brought us closer together than before. Today was fun, I wasn’t just hanging out in my dorm all day. I was actually doing something active.

The wind must have been strong today, I could felt it when I was next to a window. The chilly air of the outside world made me feel even colder. I can definitely tell that fall is officially here and to stay too.

Today me and my roommate invited some friends over to our dorm. We had a bunch of snacks so we decided to do a little party. It wasn’t that big, just a couple of friends. We play a board game and ate chips. It was pretty fun though, I almost forgot to write this cause of that. I got rid of like two bags of chips, which was good. Also walked a friend over to her dorm with my four other people.

It was after I got off work, so probably around 3. I thought the weather was pretty nice out and I wanted to enjoy it. I knew that I was going to get cold soon because it was fall so I sat outside the caf. There was these semi-circle stones that I sat on. I was enjoying the weather with my cup of coffee and a banana as my snack. People who went by me, might thought that I was crazy but I didn’t care. I just wanted to soak in the sun as it was warming me up. I didn’t stay for long though because there was a student sitting across from me. I could smell the smoke of her cigar as she blew out smoke. I hated the smell of people smoking so I left and that was the end of my perfect weather.

Today it was pouring so hard that my got my socks and shoe wet. It was pretty bad though, thought that it would never end. I’m glad it stop raining because I wasn’t going to go out if there was still rain outside.

Today I spend half of my day with my friends in the┬álaundry room. I really don’t know how we manage but we did. The four of us didn’t even get breakfast and was down in the basement until noon. We just kept waiting for our clothes to dry and kept talking. But we did lunch after our clothes were dry. The three of us got a wrap with chicken tenders, which was very good. I had tired it the other day and was good. It was actually my first time ordering a wrap.