When Wednesday Feels like Monday

  • I turn over in bed, and look at the time on my phone but just before I look at the screen I pray to go that it’s not time for me to get up. And what do I see, I have 30 minutes before my alarm that imitates birds chirping goes off. The amount of energy and persuasion that I needed to get myself up, can be described not better than by using the words, “It feels like Monday.”
  • Everything is in slow motion, my movements, my thoughts and my ability to understand others. Coming back from a break that I really needed, erases my ability to do things efficiently and diminishes any motivation that I have.
  • I realized that dogs have no worry in the world. My dogs are just big fluff balls, love to mess around in our yard and would love to be petted and dotted on every day. They are golden retrievers and their first instinct is to see every person as another opportunity to get attention.
  • How do people naturally have their shit together? I struggle with having things organized because I tend to forget things easily if I do not write them down. I also make list but find that I make a new one before I can actually finish the previous ones. The only thing that actually keeps me on schedule is my agenda, which I carry around everywhere, so that I can write down important meetings, dates, and assignments.
  • Being a person that has very deep rooted introverted characteristics I have learned to be patient, understanding and a very good listener.  I’ve noticed that I am better able to work together with extroverts and even be apart of a diverse group without having to feel like I am pulling the weight of the group.