strange sound, peace but fear, Tense, a college life

As you sit and listen along side my couch you might be able to hear the sound of a dog crying for help? and then you look over and see her peacefully sleeping and thinking about the terrors in her life or some kind of thought that so helplessly brings her anxiety.

As season that brings change also brings beauty and terror in that the beauty of the changing in colors of leaves around you, but the terror that you snow miserable weather is just a few weeks away or the pain that bundling up in clothes brings.

As I sit and play my game a sense of tension runs throughout the body when you hear footsteps all around you and then the thousands of thoughts that go through your brain of where is he coming from, when do I attack, am I going to be able to beat him, and then you guess wrong having to start over while jumping up and down and sprouting a few choice words in anger.

Day by day passes by with a lump of clothes building up, as you sit and stare thinking why can’t it just wash itself more days pass by and you finally realize that you have run out of clothes because the thoughts of folding clothes sounds gruesome compared to a hump of clothes continuing to form.