I ran across campus in the pouring ran to get to my car at co-ed. My car is a push start Nissan and as soon as I got in the car I tried to start my car.  It didn’t end up starting until 30 min after trying to dry the key.

Compost pile #4

I just notice that the hallway in my dorm is dark. I don’t know if someone turned the lights off in the hallway but the side where my room is, it’s dark. I also notice that the other side isn’t so I’m guessing, it’s because someone turned the lights off. I went into town with… Read More

According to WordPress, we could be making money off of this

I think the best advice always starts, “As a 48 year old lesbian…” “What about Jesus?”   “What about Jesus?  Where is that guy?” “If you speed up the sound of John Coltrane decomposing, its a jazz tune” “I remember when I was young and had a higher chance of quantum tunneling” “When God closes a… Read More


I can hear the wind howling between buildings. Maybe it sounds like that every month, but in October, it seems different, special somehow The search for fear is a such a strange and singularly human thing.  It seems so counterintuitive to seek such a thing out. Looking out my window, I can see the green… Read More


While I was working at 3rd street tavern I overheard a table talking about a guy and his sons. The quote that I heard was, “His other son had just gotten out of jail also.” I thought it was interesting that he had 2 sons in jail.