Reptile harassment or musical compliment?

  • “I could live inside your scales”
  • “If you don’t have a pulse, you’re dead–life and music are very similar that way”
  • “He’s the best person we could have sent, he’s like a mildly eloquent pinata”
  • He said, “I really don’t want a threeso- group of three people-“, and in that moment we all knew that none of us could be trusted as adults.
  • There’s a cricket in the laundry room.  He likes to chirp in time with the creaky laundry machines so that we might doubt that he’s there.  It’s working.  But, in the face of this grand conspiracy, I count the chirps and watch the laundry machines shake and rattle and try to convince myself of his existence.  Today, I am seventy percent sure there’s a cricket in the laundry room.
  • Singing-“It’s ok, just wing it that’s the secret to adulthood”