Don’t ch ya know

As I approach work, the individuality golfers makes you red in the face as you tell them not to throw garbage on the course garbages to make sure they don’t fill up and you come to find that many people shut their ears off and went through with their plan.

As I was out on the course yesterday, I came to an abrupt stop to my play as I was waiting for a group to finish a hole, I came to realize they were searching for lost golf balls versus playing. Don’t ch ya know you have people behind you.

As the rain steady came down on Tuesday, you watched students scatter to the building as if they were going to die from what they thought was a credential down pour. Don’t ch ya know you’re only going to get wet and then will dry.

As I was walking around campus, I was minding my own business when I glanced over quickly to try and shout “TREE”, but it was too late and there they went a square fight with the tree. Don’t ch ya know where you’re going

As I was driving back from Mankato yesterday, a unfamiliar stench came and went upon my car. What ¬†could it be smoke, manure, weed, what else? Don’t ch ya know you’re in rural MN and you experience manure from farms?

As you sit in and listen on conversations in the caf, you happen to hear positive uplifting conversations, rude conversations, sad conversations, gut wrenching conversations, conversations upon homework, and the list goes on. However, don’t ch ya know people have feeling and some of these conversations may spread and hurt the individual.