Compost pile #3

Today was pretty fun, I went with my room to the caf. It was fun because she still had like $180 in her account that she needed to use by the end of the month. We kept going back and buying more food and drink. The thing was each time, we went she would on get a few items. Then she would go back for more food. We kept doing that for a few times. We offer food to other people on our floor but no one wanted any food. We had brought so much chips and other junk food but no one was willing want to eat it with us. I think that’s it’s sad but I guess whatever. It’s going to be their loss and not mines.

I been noticing that I am where ever tour guides having been giving a tour of the college. From the laundry room to the water foundation to the computer lab. I don’t know why people keep giving tours whenever I’m there.

Today I went running with one of my friend. We decided that we were going to run up and down the hill 5 times. Worst choice that I ever made, it was so tiring and my quads hurt.

Today I worked at the concession stand, it was hot. There was a lot of people coming to ask for water and the coolers were gone quickly. I’m glad that GAC had won the game today and it wasn’t that bad working. There was at least some wind to help with the hot weather.

I have been noticing this pattern in students. I had forgotten about it until I was in class today. I was waiting in the classroom with some classmates for the professor. no one in the classroom had bother to turn on the lights. Soon after a student comes in and questions why the lights isn’t turn on but doesn’t bother to turn it on either. it wasn’t until the professor actually comes in to turn on the lights and start class. This has happened to me a few times in my sociology class too. I wonder why students don’t turn on the lights? Why the professor has to be the one to turn it on.

Having to do so much reading in my classes has made me less of a fan. I used to love reading a lot, just for fun. But now I’m not so sure any, it now has become sort of became something that I have to do.

On Sunday, i really didn’t do much, just stayed in my dorm without my roommate. She had left the day before with her parents and so I was alone. I didn’t feel like going to the dinning hall so instead I just ate ramen and some rice. Around 6 pm, I went to grab a cup of orange juice. When I went up to pay for it, I ended up spilling half of my cup. Guilty for keeping up the line and for making a mess on the counter.