Burnt Midnight Oil

  • “I do not judge. I merely accept.”
  • Where do you draw inspiration from? For me, I get most of my ideas from media in it’s various forms. Books, movies, games, etc. It makes me wonder just how much of my character has been shaped by the media. And I’m not sure how comfortable I am with that.
  • “The job of education is to teach us how not to be afraid.”
  • What kind of degenerate hangs their underwear on the towel hooks in the shower? You’ve clearly already used the shower, and I can’t see how you would forget your god-forsaken underwear. Do you want to show it all off? Trust me, you mongrel, I didn’t want to know that you have navy blue underwear. I swear if you leave your unmentionables in the shower again, they’re going into the trash!
  • “What do you use to cast spells?” “Oh, I use my armpits.”
  • When you have the time, try counting all the unconscious movements you make. After taking conducting for a few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that I move more unintentionally than on purpose. And lord forbid if you try and suppress those movements. Going against years of built up habits has proven to be very difficult.