Rantings of the Information Desk Worker

Hello.  I am one of the friendly faces you see at the desk when you scurry on by to that class you are late for, or when you go join that colossal line at the Courtyard Cafe.  I love my job, and I love seeing all of your smiling faces every day as I sit here to serve your every request.

However, when I sit here, why do you feel the need to tell me everything?  While you bought your ticket and we figured out how to send it to your out of state address, why did you feel the need to tell my coworker and me about the affair you have been having for the past 6 months, and then proclaim that you are “joking.”  Why on earth would you joke about something like that?  After I send you off with some form of direction to a building on campus, why do you have to come back and tell me that my directions were bad?  You got there, didn’t you?  When we are working the dances on Friday nights, why do you feel the need to tell us that our job is pointless?  We honestly don’t want to spend our Friday Nights keeping track of your belongings, but we do it because we care.  Is any job pointless?

I just want you all to remember that we are all people too.  Sure we may sound like computerized robots when we recite all of the information there is on campus, but we deserve to be treated the same as you would treat your overly helpful neighbor.  We are all students who don’t necessarily know every detail about an event that is happening a year from now, but we are always happy to try our best.  And no, you can’t leave your backpack here for me to babysit while you go off on your adventures outside of this rather chilly building.