On the road again

I saw a sign on an old run down barn that said “Top Shelf Genetics.” My only thought was, who is it top shelf for?

I saw the cherry bombs come on in my rear view on the way to Le Suer CC, and my heart started to beat out of my chest, and sink at the same time. But he drove past me. Sometimes you just get lucky.

My dad always tells me, “you can marry more in one day than you can make in a lifetime.”

It’s funny how someone can have such success at something for so long, and then go ice cold.

I noticed the leaves are starting to fall off the trees, and I got a little depressed over it. Not just because it means that summer is over, but it made me think about how as we get older, our “leaves” start to fall off, and we have to cope with the changes in our lives.

I think I must pack more clothing than anyone in the world when I travel somewhere, but I like to have options.