Compost pile #2

The windy day reminded me of winter already. I was so cold walking to class, and it made me think of the snow. Now I realize that I should take the advice of buying a scarf, to protect my face from the wind. The flowers and butterflies are still there but I can feel the coldness that is going to hit soon.

While walking back to my dorm from a class, I saw some leaves falling down from the tree. The wind blowing the ones on the ground and making the hot weather more bearable. I realize that the leaves falling is beautiful. Just a certain way that they fall off the tree makes it looks so nice.

The weather is never trustworthy. This morning I woke up to a raining morning. I was almost late to class since I had to go back to my dorm on the fifth floor. I got out and saw that it was raining so ran back up to get an umbrella. I had to run and was out of breath but stayed dry for the most part. This afternoon, I thought about grabbing an umbrella but since I was going to be late, decided not too. I looked out the window and it looked like the rain had stopped so I ran downstairs to get to my class. But of course, it was raining! I was soaked by the time I had got to my class and back to my dorm.

When I was walking back from one of my classes, I notice this tree. It was right next to the cafeteria and I realize that I didn’t before. On the tree there were this fruits that were round and kinda group together. The fruit was a green color but when it was ripe it turned into a bright orange color.

Today as I was walking to my FTS class, I saw this old couple holding hands. They looked so happy together and goals for people who are falling in love. This is the type of love that I would want someday, someone who will love me even in old age. I was happy and that moment made my day, it gave me hope. Maybe love is still out there and maybe not lost at all.

I have a class that starts at 12:30pm and everytime there is a big croward in my way. I have to walk pass the dinning hall in order to get to Beck Academic Hall. It’s so hard to avoid people since it’s lunch time for them, but class time for me. Leaving thirty mintues earlier doesn’t really help either, there would still people going to lunch. It gets annoying since I keep bumping into people and trying to not get in the way of bikers/ people. The other thing is that since there is a huge coward of people, it takes me longer to get to class. This means that I have to leave my dorm ealry in order to get to class on time. This afternoon I left fifteen mintues ealry but I was just a couple of minutes early for class. Being the last few people meant that there were less seats and I don’t really get to a choice where I want to sit.