408 Miles Away

  • I arrived at my gate and as I scanned the waiting area I notice something very interesting.  Everyone around me was in their business suites carrying their briefcases, and there I was the only person the age of 21 boarding that plane.
  • I’m driving. I look in my rear view mirror and I see a cop behind me. I  stop at the red light and I see a cop cross the intersection.  I turn the corner I see another cop in oncoming traffic… Did I interfere some sort of reunion?
  • Chicago is so expensive. I bought a candy bar and felt like I paid 20 dollars for it.
  • I get in my car and make sure I buckle up because I have seen driver run stop signs, go 50 in a 20 mph zone, and notoriously not use blinkers.
  • Sleep was hard to come by, sirens went off constantly, cars would blast their music loud enough that I heard it from my bedroom, and aggressive voices fighting in a distance.
  • That moment you realize the city life is for you and that St.Peter feels like a fishbowl when compared to Chicago.