The next list of complaints

  • The only way to be a morally good person in the world is to become a beggar or go live out in the woods for the rest of your life. Apparently.
  • I hate getting emails about class being canceled from professors. Not that I don’t mind a day off, but whenever I do get those emails, it always means something bad happened. How am I supposed to enjoy my sudden windfall of luck when I know the reason for said luck lies in someone getting hurt? I miss the days when weather was the only thing that canceled class.
  • “Stop being so happy!”
  • Have you ever tried rock climbing? I recommend it, it’s one hell of an experience. And I haven’t even climbed higher than 8 feet off the ground. Just, when you do climb, make sure you use your legs more than your arms. Not being able to feel your arms for a few days after climbing really isn’t pleasant.
  • “If you take the Dungeons and the Dragons out of Dungeons and Dragons, you’re just left with the and.”
  • “You have no idea how much you’re moving around, do you?”