Pennies On the Sidewalk

  1. I love finding pennies heads up. I don’t know if they actually bring luck, but I’d like to believe they do. Finding pennies is also cool because pennies have stories; maybe a nine-year-old Barack Obama once dropped that penny on the subway, or maybe someone dropped it in the crevice of splitting tar after trying Starbucks for the first time. On my walk to the co-op today I found a penny and wondered these things. It was face down, but I picked it up and took it home anyway.
  2. A dryer sheet and Hennessy
  3. Post-workout thunderstorms in my stomach
  4. Italian graveyards are optimistic places because they have Cyprus trees that point to heaven
  5. Purple rain boots with bunny ears accompany those goldilocks curls to gardens and oceans and dogs made out of sticks (
  6. I wonder if Vincent VanGough ever imagined that his starry, starry night would become a crinkled dorm room poster