Self-Centered Thoughts

Whenever I walk around campus late at night, I always notice the lack of people. It feels as though the campus is completely empty, even if there are others around. Honestly, that empty feeling is more of an ambiance than an actual lack of people. One look into the library’s windows, and you can see a plethora of students studying. Maybe it’s the long, empty stretches of sidewalks. Maybe it’s the whistle of the wind in my ear, or the chorus of crickets. Whatever combination of elements it is, the campus always feels empty, no matter no many people are actually around at the time.

Being out of breath has to be one of the worst common pains I experience. You get your usual dose of irritation when your lungs and lungs start to burn, but it’s what happens afterwards that annoys me. My throat often ends up raw from my quick breathing, making every subsequent breath a lasting irritation. I always feel so cold too. My throat is cold; my legs are numb, etc. In short, I hate running.

I had no idea picking out a baton would be so stressful. Here I was assuming that a baton was just a well-made stick, but nooooooo, it’s apparently so much more than that. How having a baton that doesn’t suit the individual can lead to lasting muscle problems I’ll never know, but I suppose I can trust in the experts. So here I am, weighing oh so slightly different sticks on my hands, with the looming threat of lasting back pain sitting in my mind. I didn’t ask for this kind of pressure!

The chapel rings with sound. Gather a choir together, have them sing there, then sit back and enjoy the sound. I’ve always enjoyed singing, but getting to sing in a space like the chapel just elevates the experience. I hope I never have to stop singing.

Why does ASMR exist? Why do a select set of sounds and noises elicit such an enjoyable sensation in people? Throw a whisper in my ear, and you’ll have every hair on the back of neck standing at attention. Paint a few paintings around me, and I’ll fall into a relaxing daze. I wonder how many others experience this. I wonder how it started.