Ups and Downs

The squirrel scuttled up a small tree, then sat on a straight branch and seemed to sneer down at her. She sneered back, then blushed as a passing student stared with bewilderment. He dropped his books on his desk, exhausted. A few fell to the floor – there wasn’t room on his desk for anything… Read More

Per Aspera

Be¬†with¬†someone who makes you happy I took a walk through the woods quite by accident the other day. I had somewhere to be, and I never ended up arriving there. At a fork in the road, I went left, and my destination went right. Perhaps subconsciously I knew it wasn’t where I was supposed to… Read More

Finding it

Ever go to do something, and then you can’t find the thing you need? Seems like it happens more often than not. Found out Hugh Hefner died this morning. He might be the only man where we say “he is not in a better place now.” Anyone ever notice that the Gustavus Crest logo looks… Read More