Doug Schultz’ father created a legacy far ahead of its time: Polled Holsteins. Doug followed in his father’s footsteps and led a herd until 1994. Doug’s farm has attracted many people due to the rich history of his family farm and he hopes that technology in farming continues to advance, just like what he and his father created for agriculture. He hopes people become more aware that not all technology is bad.

Doug shares the history of his family farm, which became famous because his dad bred polled Holsteins (“Polled” means “horns removed”) long before it became mainstream. Doug also shares that the youth do not want to take up farming because of the risks involved. Additionally, he shares his concerns about how farming is becoming less about family farming and more toward corporate farming, as he talks about consolidation and less numbers of dairies around, even though there are the same amount of cows in Nicollet county.

This excerpt talks about how cows are born with horns, but there is a rare mutation, causing the calf to be born without horns. These cows are called “polled.” Since horns are worthless in farming, Doug’s father was created a method to produce more hornless cows. Doug thinks that this method increases the frequency of something that happens in nature.

Doug shares interesting information about dairy products that most consumers aren’t aware of. In this excerpt, Doug elaborates on the production of reduced fat milk as well as the main reason margarine was invented.