Doug and Sue Schutt are hog farmers who have a successful farrowing operation and sell their pigs to other farmers. They experienced the infamous time in farming: The 1980s, where every farmer struggled to make ends meat. They are passionate about farming and wonder where the future of farming will go, as they worry that a lot of farmland is being taken out for urban sprawl and they are concerned about making sure everyone will have enough food.

Sue and Doug discuss the history of their family farm and their financial struggles during the 1980s. Eventually, their hog business really started to turn in a profit from 1995, but in 2006, they got a chance to expand and gain even more profit. They discuss the hard work and long hours they did at multiple jobs in order to keep the farm and discussed the difficult decisions they had to make, like getting rid of their sheep in order to save the farm.

Sue talks about the values people learn from growing up on a farm and the experience their children had growing up.

Doug talks about the pressure farmers face to get bigger or risk losing the farm because it is hard for smaller farmers to compete in today’s economy.