Paul Engel grew up on a dairy farm and was a full-time dairy farmer for 25 years. He milked cows and planted hay and corn for cattle feed. He exited full-time farming in 2000 due to an increase in feed prices but a drop in dairy prices. Nevertheless, Paul Engel is still farming part-time and finds farming relaxing. He often farms after finishing his work off farm. He is thankful that he grew up on the farm. Paul really appreciates farm life and believes that farming builds character.

Due to the high cost of feed, but low dairy prices, Paul had to exit full-time farming and take up an off-farm job. This segment talks about what caused the drop in dairy prices during the 1990s.

In this excerpt, Paul explains that, during economic downturns, farmers either have to get big or get out.

This segment talks about farming in the 1980s. Paul describes what he and his father did to overcome this difficult time.

In this segment, Paul shares some of the values that people learn through farming.

In this segment, Paul talks about the issue of climate change and how it relates to farming. He also explains how some farmers cope with droughts and floods by using techniques like tiling.