Matt Lantz owns a 2,000 sow and 3,200 acre crop operation. He is concerned about connecting with consumers about how big agriculture provides high quality products for the public.

In this segment, Lantz talked about the evolution of the farming industry brought by the advancement of technology. He exemplifies this by comparing farming work in his generation and his son; Carter’s generation.

From the interview with Matt Lantz, we clearly see that technology brings multiple benefits to the agricultural industry. Matt Lantz personally thinks that farmers perceive technology as a positive change and farmers can easily adapt to them.

This excerpt explains Lantz’s perspective on how consumers view farmers. Due to the lack of communication between farmers and consumers, the majority of the public seems to not understand the logistics and realities of farming.

This excerpt is about the reasons why Lantz chose to focus on raising hogs. He also explains different breeds of hogs and their niches in the hog industry.