Bill Ruhland milks about 60 dairy cows near Montgomery, MN.  He is the third generation on the farm and grows corn and soybeans on what started out as 80 acers but has now evolved to over 400 acers.

In this clip, Bill talks about his relationships with neighbors and how he has seen it change over the years. He feels that people have stopped visiting as much, and he discusses how that impacts his life.

Bill talks about how technology is changing farming. There is a sense of admiration for the level of advancement, but also a little regret when talking about how difficult it will be for smaller family farms to adapt to this technology, since the amount of money needed to invest in technology is too great for smaller farmers.

Farming is hard work and hard circumstances arise. Bill talks about how he made the transition from working two jobs, and then taking over the farm. He also mentions the transition from not paying income tax to having to keep detailed records, and then the transition from record-keeping by hand and then by computer.