In these excerpts farmers speak about climate change, erosion, and other environmental changes.

John King, in his role as a county commissioner as well as a farmer, discusses environmental concerns in farming with Anna Versluis. He also explains his family’s decision to take advantage of government incentives to put some of their land toward conservation.

Paul Engel discusses what he has witnessed in terms of a changing or cyclical climate, and the uncertainties that still remain.

Roger Schoeb discusses changes to the rural landscape, changing bird migration routes that he has observed, and threats to water quality.

Roger Schoeb shares concerns about threats to wildlife from a loss of habitat associated with farming land use practices. He also reflects on hunting memories and possible ways to sustain wildlife.

Rolf and Jean Annexstad discuss why they returned to farming after years away and reflect on the rewards of working outdoors and producing valuable food. Jean also expresses satisfaction for being able to run a dairy farm in an environmentally sustainable way, and Rolf discusses the joys of working with animals every day.