Suez Canal

Mr. Phileas Fogg sailed through the Suez Canal on a passenger ship called the Mongolia from Brindisi. He reached Suez after five days of sailing. Before reaching Suez, Fogg traveled from London to Pairs. Then from Paris to Turin and from Turin to Brindisi. Mr. Fogg stayed in Suez long enough to get his passport visaed as proof that he was there.  He was then off to Bombay.

Suez Canal 1890 from

The Canal

Construction started on the Suez Canal in “Construction began on 25 April 1859 and the canal was opened in November 1869” (Milner, 2011, p.1). It was built jointly by the French and Egyptian powers. When it was completed the canal stretched over 100 miles through African desert to create a shorter shipping route between Europe and Asia (Milner, 2011, p.1). In 1882 Great Britain took control of Egypt and control of the canal’s operation.

Suez Canal from Library of Congress 1950

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