In the book “Around the World in 60 days” Fogg passed through the “black town”. Verne describes, “its narrow streets, it’s miserable, dirty huts, and squalid population; Than through the “European town,” which presented a relief in its bright brick mansions shaded by coconut-trees and bristling with masts, … elegantly, dressed horsemen and handsome equipages were passing back and forth”(Verne 61-62). During that time Calcutta was broken up in two areas the White town, which was primarily British, and a Black town, which was mainly Indian centered on North Calcutta. Seeing that Verne is an Englishman and British wanted control and to westernize other colonies, it is reasonable that he had depicted the “Black town” in such a negative light since it had no British impact.

Calcutta 19th Century

                                         “Black Town”                                                                         “White Town”